COMPUTER 101–Apple Charging Cables; Lightening vs. USB-C

The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber
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This topic is for Apple users. Have you noticed that everything that relates to Apple starts with an “i”? iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iCloud and iMac are all Apple terms. They all start with an “i”. I ask why the i and not an “a”? Well, here is the answer. Apple (Jobs) declared the “i” in iMac to stand for “Internet”; it also represents the product’s focus as a personal device (‘i’ for “individual”). Simple, yet as simple as when Steve Jobs was developing the brand. The group said, “let’s just call it an apple – how about Macintosh?” Thus, we have the Apple brand under the nickname of MAC or Macintosh.
Every few years it updates the peripherals (accessories) and the hardware too. A marketing strategy, yes, but at least you know where you are in the technology stream of things. A few years ago, Apple removed the radio jack for a headphone and offered an adapter. Ok, fine. Most laptops have removed the CD/DVD drive too. When is the last time you actually used this? More change, more frustration or confusion. I can go on and on, but you get the idea, right? Well, Apple has done it again. When you charge your iPad or iPhone you have been using what is call a Lightning Cable. It has a small head at one end and a USB on the other. Now we have the USC-C connection that looks different and oh, by the way, charges more than twice the speed as the former lightening. Apple has gone from a two-speed connection to a 3.1 speed. Yup, you can now charge your apple products much faster.

Let it be clear, you do not have to switch charging cables unless you feel like it. The cable runs around $10 for a standard-length cord. This is about the same as the Lightening. The difference is that you will also need the combatable cube to plug into the wall. This runs around $12 a unit. If you own a bunch of cubes it could be costly. I have seen cubes that accept both. Good compromise. So, if you want faster charging speeds, buy yourself a USB-C cable and cube. Compare and make your own choice. Nothing stays the same. I have an old record player. It works fine but sounds old.
The brand new iPads come with the USC-C cable. I bet you never noticed it. You probably thought is was the regular cable; just another one of them. Wrong. If you did not get the correct cube, then buy one and enjoy with faster charging speed of all your Apple products. Amazon has everything you need or want.

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