Sylvania–Then and Now–6764 Maplewood Avenue

by Gayleen Gindy

In 1901 Henry and Celestia Burnham hired a surveyor to lay out a new subdivision on her family’s original farmland, and they called it Burnham’s Addition. The official plat was approved by the Lucas County Board of Commissioners in July of 1901 showing 37 lots, with a new street running north and south to be called Phillips Avenue. In 1902 Milton Vesey purchased the first two lots in that subdivision, and split it into three parcels, which includes the addresses today known as 6764, 6766 and 6768 Maplewood Avenue. Between 1902 and 1907 he built three homes on these three parcels.
Our subject home was the first that the Vesey’s built in 1902 and records show the following owners over the next 118 years:

•1902 – Milton Vesey
•1920 – Delia Vesey
•1925 – Adah Elliott
•1945 – Franklin L. and Jennie E Heeter
•1952 – John G. and Margaret A. Thelin
•1955 – Donald E. and Mildred L. Page
•1982 – Mildred L. Page
•2004 to current – Mildred L. Page, Trustee

Milton Vesey was a Sylvania businessman who operated a grocery store in downtown Sylvania for many years. In 1887 when the entire west side of Main Street between Monroe Street and Maplewood Avenue burned to the ground, he was one of the businessmen who lost his building and contents at that time. After the fire he rebuilt his store and continued to operate his grocery business for many years.
Milton Vesey and Delia Powlesland were married in December of 1885. They had three children including Gladys born in 1887, Stanley born in 1891 and Ashley born in 1898. The Veseys lived on Monroe Street during this time.
The first census that was available after this 1902 house was built was the 1910 census. The Veseys still owned this home here and were renting it out to Harry and Grace Mickle, and their three children. Harry was 39 years old – married 17 years and employed as the manager of the tannery in Sylvania. Grace was 40 years old and they had three children living at home including: Genevieve – 15 years old; Percy – 14 years old and Dorothea – 1 years old.
At the 1920 census this house was being rented, but I was unable to determine which family was renting the house because this census did not list by address, only by street name.
Milton Vesey died in 1920 and the house transferred to his widow at that time. It was in 1925 she sold this house to her sister-in-law, Adah Elliott. By the 1930 census Mrs. Elliott was renting the home to James O. and Edna Taylor. He was 27 years old and she was 26 years old. He was employed as an automobile salesman.
At the 1940 census James O. Taylor and his wife Edna were still renting this house and living with them was Donald Lanning a step-son who was 18 years old and Joseph Wm. McEvers, listed as a lodger who was 46 years old.
An article in the Sylvania Sentinel dated June 7, 1945 reported that Cpl. Donald L. Lanning, son of Mrs. Edna Taylor who resided at 6764 Maplewood Ave. , had received his aerial gunner’s wings from the Army Air Force Flexible Gunnery School at Tysdall Field. When his schooling was complete he would be qualified to take his place as a member of the combat crew of an AAF bomber.
Adah Elliott, owner of this house, died in 1944 and the home was sold to Franklin and Jennie Heeter in 1945. Franklin Heeter married Jennie Miller in 1942. They lived here in this home until they sold it in 1952. He was a World War II veteran, and was employed with the New York Central Railroad System. Both were involved with the First Methodist Church of Sylvania, the Sylvania Masonic Lodge, Knights Templar and Eastern Star organizations.

A building permit was issued in April of 1947 to Franklin Heeter granting him permission to build a new garage at this address, and in 1949 Godfrey J. “Dod” Andrews was living in the home and his obituary notice listed him living at this address. He was 74 years old and his parents were one of the first families to arrive in Sylvania. They owned all the property that later became the Sylvania Country Club’s property.
The Heeters sold this home to John and Margaret Thelin in 1952, who only owned the home for three years, selling it in 1955.
In 1955 Donald and Mildred Page were the next to purchase this house, and Mildred still owns the home to this day.
In 1962 Donald E. Page was issued a building permit allowing Colonial Builders to add a 15-foot by 8.5-foot addition to the rear of the home.
Mr. Page died in 1982 at the age of 55 years old. His obituary notice said that he was a group leader at Riker Manufacturing. Inc., a veteran of World War II and was the past president of the Sylvania Northview High School Athletic Boosters. He was survived by his wife Mildred and daughters, Mrs. Barbara Ilis, Mrs. Janice Ross and son Kevin.

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