Sylvania construction project updates

Silica Drive intersection and bridge

Department of Public Safety Service Director Kevin Aller and Deputy Director Joe Shaw updated city council on the $5.3 million Monroe Street and Silica Drive intersection improvements and the Silica Drive bridge replacement projects scheduled for March through November 2023. According to Shaw, discussions about these projects began five years ago. After several community meetings, a traffic signal was selected rather than a roundabout. Eastbound Monroe Street will be widened to include two lanes and a right turn lane at Silica Drive. There will be one westbound lane with a left turn lane at Silica Drive. In addition, updates will be made on Judi Young Drive and Silica Drive to the bridge.
The new bridge will include a 10-foot multi-use path with an outlook area.

Shaw noted that several grants have been received and funding for this project is in place.

Downtown Streetscape

Aller presented a proposal to contract with DGL Consulting Engineers to provide preliminary engineering services for the proposed downtown streetscape project. Mayor Craig Stough noted that tying together the two main blocks of Main Street in downtown Sylvania is very important and is one of the main suggestions of the 2020 Master Plan. In addition, the downtown is not ADA compliant, trees planted in the early 1980s need to be replaced; sidewalks are uneven; sewer lines are over 100 years old and need to be redone. “I would like to see this project happen by 2024,” Mayor Stough urged. “There is designated grant money that must be spent by the end of 2024 as well.”

Mayor Stough has met with Downtown Sylvania Association Executive Director Katie Cappellini suggesting she organize meetings with DSA members and downtown business owners to share their vision, design ideas and gather stakeholder input. Councilman Patrick Richardson, chairman of the Streets Committee, called for a committee meeting with Aller and a DGL representative to further discuss the project before the May 2 city council meeting.

Monroe Street/Summit Street Pedestrian Crossing

City council voted to accept the $38,952 proposal of DGL Consulting Engineers LLC to provide engineering services for a new pedestrian-friendly traffic light for crossing Monroe Street at Summit Street. Mayor Stough, expressing safety concerns for pedestrians crossing Monroe Street, especially with the addition of SOMO residents, had suggested the project to Aller who made contact with the local consulting firm.


City Council President Mark Frye offered a report on the Committee of the Whole meeting prior to the city council meeting. Information about the proposed Tax Increment Financing program, TIF, was discussed and City Law Director Leslie Brining described the Community Reinvestment Areas, CRAs, currently in place. The administration will provide council members with a report answering questions concerning a possible TIF in Sylvania before a vote is held.

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