Sylvania then & now – 5758 & 5760 Summit Street

By Gayleen Gindy

This house was built in 1902 while owned by Nancy H. Buck and had many different owners over the next 120 years. It started out as a single family home with a 5758 Summit St. address. Her husband Enoch Buck had died in 1897 and this property transferred to Nancy in 1899. The house may have been built for Nancy to live in her final years. She died in 1907, but had sold this home in 1904.

Hans Engels owned the home from 1904 through 1912. In the 1910 census he was listed living here – 59 years old and retired. Living with him was his widowed sister and three of her children: Henrietta Welker – widowed – 53 years old – occupation – none; Florence Welker – daughter – 25 years old; Marie Welker – daughter – 14 years old; and Norma Welker – daughter – 13 years old.

In 1912 Engels sold to James M. Marsh, then in 1915 to William E. Irwin, and then in 1916 to Paul and Goldie Peugeot. The 1920 census shows the Peugeots living in the home with their children. Paul was 44 years old and employed as a master mechanic for the railroad. Goldie was 41 years old. Their children living at home included: Mildred – 19 years and working as a bookkeeper in a retail hardware store; Jeanette D. – 14 years old; Raymond P. – 10 years old; and Lawrence W. – 4 years old.
From 1920 until 1945 the Gries family owned the home. In December of 1927 a building permit was issued to Charles E. Gries to convert the second floor of the home into an apartment. Gries was listed as the builder and the estimated cost was $700.

According to the Nov. 20, 1929, issue of the Sylvania Sentinel Miss Lytle Shriver became the bride of Charles Gries. After returning from a trip to Lorain and Cleveland they made their home at 5758 Summit St.

In the 1930 census Charles Gries, who still owned the home, and his family were living on the second floor. He was listed as 49 years old and employed as an electrician with a cement company. His wife was 35 years old. Their children living in the home included: Loretta – 17 years; Anna – 13 years; Catherine – 11 years; and Charles – 9 years. Charles and Magdalina Hertweck were renting the first floor from Gries for $45 per month. Hertweck was 39 years old and working as a bricklayer and mason. She was 30 years old. Also living in the home were their daughters Ruth – 7 years old and Giselia – 4 years old. They were all listed as coming to the U.S. in 1929 from Germany.

The 1940 census shows Charles Gries was still living on the upper floor of this duplex. Now he was widowed and employed as an electrician at a cement company. Living at home were his sons John – 7 years old and Richard – 6 years old. Renting the first level of this home was Norval T. Berry – 27 years old – employed as an automobile mechanic, and his wife Virginia – 28 years old. Their children included Roger Berry – 2 years old and Norval Jack Berry – 11 months old, and a step-son James Tripp – 7 years old.

Then an article in the Sylvania Sentinel on Feb. 23, 1944, reported that William McRobbie of 5758 Summit St. was injured on Auburndale Avenue when he was struck by a car while crossing the road. From 1945 through 1952 John and Lena Cook owned the home. From 1952 until 1967 Fannie L. Staley and then Harry M. Staley were listed as the owners.

The first Suburban directory that listed this address was the 1959 directory where the lower level was occupied by the owner, Harry Staley and the second floor was now using the address of 5760 Summit St. and Richard W. Moore was living at that address. The 1960 directory shows the same.

The 1961 directory shows 5758 Summit St. occupied by Harry Staley and 5760 Summit St. occupied by Donald M. Scofield, and the directories through 1968 show the same.

In 1967 Charles and Lucille Quinnell purchased the duplex and rented out both units. The Quinnells lived in a home to the north on Summit Street during this time. The 1970 directory shows Donald S. Covrett living at 5758 Summit and Thomas Keister living at 5760 Summit.

A building permit was issued in July 1971 to Charles Quinnell to build a 16-foot by 22-foot carport on the rear of the existing home. The permit also said that he would be removing the rear porches and enlarging same. Quinnell was listed as the builder. In September of 1971 Quinnell was issued another building permit to build a 30-foot by 32-foot two-story dwelling at the rear of the existing home. The builder was listed as Gene Paul Builders.

After the second rental structure was built behind the original house Charles and Lucille Quinnell moved into one of the units according to the 1974 Suburban Directory and lived there until they passed away. Charles R. Quinnell died on Sept. 24, 1991 and this property transferred to his wife at that time. Lucille M. Quinnell died in 1997 and this property transferred to their daughter Lynn in 1998.

According to county records in 2001 Lynn Melchert was issued a permit to make some type of commercial alterations and including miscellaneous heating. In 2015 the property was sold to Sharlene R. Dickinson.

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