The City Beat – Residents participate in City Council’s informational meeting

Sylvania Police Captain Doug Hubaker introduces new hire, Officer Mitchell Boraggina to Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough and members of Sylvania City Council at the July 18 meeting.

Sylvania Police Captain Doug Hubaker introduced new police officer Mitchell Boraggina to Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough and members of Sylvania City Council at the regular meeting July 18. According to Captain Hubaker, the new officer has been on the job for the past month and will continue on-the-job training for the next six to eight weeks. Officer Boraggina had been a member of the Ottawa Hills Police Department for four years prior to joining the Sylvania Police Department.

In other city business, council passed three separate ordinances for special tax assessments: one for ditch maintenance, a second for street lighting, and the third for tree maintenance. Those assessments will be included on appropriate January tax bills.

City council also passed an ordinance authorizing the mayor and director of finance to enter into an agreement on behalf of the Sylvania Municipal Court to continue participating in the Work Release Regional Addiction Diversion Treatment Program through the Lucas County Commissioners. While city officials enter the agreement, the cost of the programs is underwritten by the Sylvania Municipal Court.

An additional ordinance authorizing the mayor and director of finance to enter into an agreement to continue the contract with the Lucas County General Health District Advisory Council to maintain the health and environmental services in the city of Sylvania was also passed.

City of Sylvania’s Safety and Service Director Kevin Aller reported on the construction agreement with the Norfolk Southern Railway Company for the upcoming Monroe Street and Silica Drive improvement project. Aller suggested that an ordinance authorizing the agreement was important at this time to take advantage of the opportunity to receive a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio grant, which will cover 56 percent of the potential $643,423 construction cost. That ordinance was passed.

Aller also recommended the passage of five additional ordinances regarding that improvement project.
The first ordinance passed authorized the purchase agreement with the Toledo Lucas County Public Library to acquire a Right of Way.

Four additional ordinances were passed to obtain temporary construction easements with Monroe Street property owners east of Silica Drive.

Aller anticipates up to 20 additional proposed ordinances for temporary construction easements to be on the Sylvania City Council agenda in August.

Councilman Doug Haynam, chair of the Zoning Committee reported that he was aware of the Plan Commission’s recommendation to approve the zoning change from R-1 to R-3PD or Multiple Dwelling Medium Density District-Planned Development for the property at 4215 N. McCord Rd. A public hearing for the project is scheduled for Sept. 6 at 6:30 pm.

Haynam also reported that his committee recommended approval of the zoning change at 5601-5609 W. Alexis Rd. from M-1 Light Industrial District to B-1 Limited Business and Office District.

In an added agenda item, Council President Mark Frye opened a discussion about the recent postponement of the fireworks from July 3 to July 8. He suggested a meeting of the council’s Committee of the Whole be scheduled prior to the next council meeting on Aug. 15 to meet with the Sylvania Township administrator, trustees and other representatives from sponsoring partners along with a representative from the fireworks purveyor, the Zambelli Corporation.

He, along with council member Brian McCann, praised the efforts of SJARD, the Sylvania and Sylvania Township police departments, and the Sylvania Township Fire Department for their flexibility, adaptability, and ability to rearrange schedules on very short notice to hold a successful event.

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