Farmers Market Spotlight – Vegan Taste offers baked goods

Jennifer Alexander Ruple

Vegan Taste owners Kelsey and Kyronne “KJ” Jackson with 3-year-old daughter, Selah, and 12-month-old, Zionah, are vendors at Sylvania Farmers Market.

When Kelsey and Kyronne “KJ” Jackson decided to go plant based in 2015, their search for vegan and gluten-free baked goods in local coffee shops and restaurants came up short. With little to no availability, they took the situation into their own hands and started experimenting with recipes in their home kitchen. “We got certified and started selling our goods. We thought, ‘let’s just see what happens,’ and we sold out,” said Kelsey Jackson.

In 2019 the Jacksons launched their business, Vegan Taste, which sells plant-based and gluten-free baked goods. Their business grew quickly, and their kitchen was no longer sufficient. Today, all baking is done in a commercial space, Graze Shared Kitchen, located at Jackman and Laskey. Kyronne Jackson, along with three employees, bakes Monday through Friday from 6 am to about 3 pm while Kelsey Jackson handles the social media, photography and comes up with the recipes.

Some of the items the Jacksons bring to the weekly Sylvania Farmers Market include sugar cookies; pop tarts in brown sugar cinnamon, strawberry and blueberry flavors; whoopie pies in peanut butter and cold brew flavors; and cookie dough sundaes which include peanut butter, chocolate ganache, vanilla frosting and dye-free sprinkles.


Vegan Taste products are available in 20 coffee shops and markets in the region including the newly opened Heavy Wheelhouse, located at the trailhead of the Beach Ridge Bike Trail at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark. They also offer home delivery to all of northwest Ohio. The Jacksons hope to find a wholesale location in Sylvania soon.

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