NV Band starts season strong

Joshua Repp

The Northview marching band held band camp to practice for football season two weeks before school. Their practices lasted for hours to review what to know for marching band, as well as teaching new music. Since then, the marching band has continued practicing, and performs at Northview Football’s games to support the team.

During the band camp, “[the students] learn their marching fundamentals, and most of the music that they will play the whole season—the show tunes and the stand tunes,” Band Director Nathan Heath said. “It’s a big head start.”

The band has many opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and help others. There are drum majors, section leaders, squads, and helpers for distributing music, uniforms, and instruments on the bus, to name a few. These positions help students take charge and contribute to a group that supports them.

“Because marching band has leadership positions, students get a chance to lead their peers. No other class has that. Because they get an early start with school, they get to feel more comfortable with the start of school, especially for the younger students, who get two weeks of getting to know everyone before entering a new building.”

The Northview band learns standard music such as the fight song, the “Star Spangled Banner” and many show tunes. They also learn their own performance music that changes. This year, the music they learned was to the theme of “funk.”

After learning their new formations, the band performed for Northview parents. From there, they played in their first football game on Aug. 19. Their support encourages the football team and brings energy to the student section.


“We play at a lot of events, not just football games, so at things like parades and festivals, it’s always nice to share [music] with the community.”

Band also benefits the students. Because of band, students are able to take part in a group that can challenge them, and also support them.

“Band is a close community, especially at games. The students learn more than just music. [They learn] how to be a leader, how to serve their community, how to do something bigger than their individual selves, and how to work toward a group goal.”

If you are interested in joining or being involved with the Northview Band, Choir, or Orchestra, contact Heath or one of the directors.

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