The Devers Difference …

L-R: The Vin Devers team General Manager Jason Perry, Pre-owned Vehicle Manager Brian LaVoy and President Paul Devers with a Mercedes S 580 Maybach at the Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania.

The Devers Difference … these three words have been the mantra for the way business is done at Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania. The family-owned Mercedes-Benz and Audi automobile dealership, located at 5570 Monroe St., will celebrate 67 years of operations in Sylvania in 2023. Company president and second-generation owner Paul Devers attributes the company’s longevity to the outstanding customer service provided by everyone at the dealership.

“It is our emphasis on excellent service that builds relationships and client/friendship loyalty. We have clients who move out of state and still buy their cars from us. We ship cars to customers all over the country,” Devers said.

General Manager Jason Perry agrees. “Our team provides exemplary customer service. We empower our people to take care of our clients and go above and beyond what is needed,” he stated. “‘The Devers Difference’ is offering great, rather than just good, service. That ‘difference’ is what sets us apart. And that is what sets the tone for our team. We also pride ourselves in offering top-notch vehicles. It is like a toy store everyday,” he said.

“We like to think that we become our clients ‘car people.’ We can take care of everything from that initial visit to the showroom to the sale and beyond. We offer regular routine maintenance, repairs when needed, excellent detailing, and even body shop repairs when needed, excellent detailing, and even body shop repairs when necessary… Actually, our gift certificates for car detailing make wonderful Christmas gifts,” noted Brian LaVoy, the pre-owned vehicle manager.

“Our service technicians are the best. They get excellent reviews from satisfied clients. We have also been known to help motorists traveling through our area who experience car trouble. Our people will stop everything to take care of the problem and will even take a needed part from one of our cars to replace the damaged one just to help those travelers get back on their way,” Devers stated.

“We are fortunate to have a body shop. Helping our clients/friends in time of need truly is a blessing. We will also pick up a car for service and drop off a loaner car if our client needs that service. And, we also ship cars to Florida for clients,” he said.

“In addition to the emphasis we place on serving clients, another key to our success is in our people,” Devers added.

Perry and LaVoy have both been with the dealership for 33 years, each learning the business from the ground floor and working their way up the management ladder. Perry, who started out washing cars at the dealership, loved everything about the luxury autos he was cleaning and learned everything he could about them. LaVoy came with a friend who wanted to buy a car and learned there was a vacancy in the sales department. He too found his career path with the company. In addition to his responsibilities of sourcing quality, pre-owned vehicles nationwide, he also works with new salespeople, teaching them to provide “The Devers Difference.”

Another long-time team member is Clark Blackford, who has been on the Parts team for three decades. Service Manager Keith Solomon has been a member of the team since 2011.

While “The Devers Difference” was not coined until 1989, Devers’ father, Vincent, exemplified that philosophy. He started the Vin Devers dealership, selling Mercurys, Triumphs, and English Fords from his dealership in what is now Haymarket Square, one of six downtown Sylvania Main Street auto dealers at the time. By 1968, the business was relocated to Monroe Street and became a Mercedes-Benz dealership in 1969. The Audi dealership was added in 1991. “These two vehicles go well together. They are super safe and provide great performance,” Devers pointed out.

That continues today. The two dealerships coexist providing options for clients with an added bonus for this year’s end. According to Devers, both the Audi and the Mercedes-Benz vehicles qualify weight-wise for a new tax deduction. “Accountants are telling their clients who have had a good year that this is a good time to purchase a vehicle. At last, we have a good inventory on hand and we will be able to accommodate those who wish to buy now. We are also excited about our electric vehicles. Both Audi and Mercedes-Benz have eight new models available. This is a great time to buy a new vehicle,” Devers offered. “Once again, we are so happy we can take care of our clients with ‘The Devers Difference.’”

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