5848 Summit St.



In 1910 Dana G. Chandler built this house on Lot No. 5 of Briggs Place subdivision. Chandler owned and operated a cement block manufacturing business on the south side of Monroe Street, along the west side of the railroad tracks. His business was called the Sylvania Building Supply Co., and he started it shortly after the Toledo & Western Railway built their new headquarters just east of Chandler’s business, located where Sautter’s is today. Just about every house in Sylvania, built before the 1930s, has a foundation built of Dana Chandler’s cement blocks. Our subject house was built by Chandler entirely of the block that he manufactured.

When the 1910 census was taken the Chandlers were living in this new home. Dana was listed as 39, married 17 years and the proprietor of a cement factory. He owned the home free of mortgage. His wife, Iley, was 38 years old and they had four living children including: Worthy – 14; Daisy – 13; Hope – 9; and Glen – 6. Also living in the home was a boarder named Stanley Lewis – 38 years old – single – laborer on the railway. The Oct. 24, 1912 Sylvania Sentinel newspaper reported that, “D.G. Chandler has built a cement block private garage at his place on Summit Street.” Chandler only owned the house for four years before selling it to James and Sarah Follas in 1914. The Follas family owned the home for the next 70 years.

In the 1920 census James and Sarah were living in the home. He was 60 years old and employed as a section laborer on the railroad. Sarah was 58 years old, and living in the home were their son Clarence E. Follas – 21, employed as a laborer at a toy factory; daughter Carlie M. Follas – 18, employed as an operator for the telephone company; daughter Zenith V. Follas – 15, attending school; and a granddaughter, Erma J.D. Follas – 13, attending school. In 1922 their son, Doris Follas and his wife Ethel, purchased the home at 5840 Summit St., just south of this home.

By the 1930 census James and Sarah were still living in the home. James was listed as 71, and employed as a foreman on a railroad section. Sarah was listed as 69 years old, and the house was valued at $10,000. Also living in the home was their daughter Velma Follas – 24 – single – employed as a general office clerk at the railroad; and their granddaughter Erma J. Follas – 23 – single – employed as a secretary for an architect. James and Sarah were still living here in 1940. He was 81 and retired. Sarah was listed as 79 years old, and their daughter Zenith Velma, 34 years old, single, was living at home and employed as a clerk for a steam railway company.

An article in the Jan. 4, 1940 issue of the Sylvania Sentinel reported that J.B. Follas of Summit Street had worked on various railroads for 52 years before retiring in 1935. His daughter Velma bought him a Christmas gift of a streamlined model electric train, and he is quoted as saying, “It’s a jim dandy, and her whistle sounds just like old No. 47 on the New York Central.” The article ended by saying, “Mr. Follas is in good health and at the holiday celebrations danced a fine jig for his grandsons.”

Sarah Kelly Follas died in 1945 and her obituary said that they had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary two months earlier. Services were held in the home. The home transferred into Mr. Follas’ name in 1946 and then into their daughter Zenith Velma Follas’ name that same year. In the 1950 census James Follas is listed living here. He was listed as 91 years old and widowed. Living with him was Zenith V. Follas, daughter, 44, listed as never married, employed as an office clerk for a railroad company.

James B. Follas died in 1954 at the age of 95. His obituary said that he had been living with his daughter at 5848 Summit Street when he passed away. Zenith Velma Follas continued to own the home through 1984. According to her obituary notice in 1987 she spent her last five years in the Golden Haven Nursing Home, and had worked for 20 years for the Toledo Terminal Railroad Co., retiring in 1967. She was 82 years old.


In 1984 John Cryan purchased the home and only owned it for two years. During that time he obtained a building permit to make interior alterations by adding a bathroom to the second floor.

In 1986 Stanley Muszynski and Jean Harvey-Thomas purchased the home. Records show they were married in May of 1986 and in 1987 the home transferred to Stanley and Jean Muszynski. Records also show that they were divorced in 1993 and that year the home transferred to just Jean Muszynski. During that time a building permit was issued in August of 1986 to remove the old 1912 built garage and build a new 24 x 24 two-car garage with breezeway. In November of 1988 a building permit was issued to add an addition for a den. In 1995 Jean opened this house to the public during the Sylvania Historic Home Tour.

The house sold in 1997 to Jerry and Betty Smith who own the home now.

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