Local music producer wins a Grammy


Jameil Aossey, raised in the Sylvania area, won the award for “Best Dance/Electronic Music Album” at the Grammys on Feb. 5 for his work on Beyoncé’s new album “Renaissance”. Aossey and his partner, S1, produced two tracks on the album: “I’m That Girl” and “All Up In Your Mind.” This award gave Beyoncé the most Grammy victories of all time with 32 wins.

Jamiel Aossey in his production studio.
Photo by Adam Rossi

Aossey discovered his passion for music by visiting a radio station, where he fell in love with the unique radio style. He then got his first keyboard, wanting to create his own unique music. During his freshman year at Southview High School, Aossey booked his first studio session and music became a way for him to express his emotions. As his love for producing music grew, Aossey slowly built up his own setup that he could work with at home. He noted how supportive the Sylvania community was to him and his music. In high school, he hosted a show for his music and students from both Northview and Southview gathered to support him. He even worked with local artists, which pushed him further into the music industry.

At a Los Angeles expo, Aossey met his partner, S1, which opened doors for the Sylvania producer because S1 was already well-established and had worked with big name artists and won many awards. Both believed that living in L.A. wasn’t necessary to be successful and each loved living in a place that was good for their families, with S1 stationed in Dallas and Aossey in Sylvania. “We are constantly learning something every day because we could always be better at something,” stated Aossey.

Then came the life-changing call; the request for them to work on Beyoncé’s album. With the album’s success, came the Grammys. “It was nothing short of extraordinary,” recalled Aossey when asked about his experience. He stated it felt surreal and brushing shoulders with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams was incredible.

Now, with a Grammy win under his belt, more doors will open, making Aossey’s passion for music an opportunity for a full-time career. Aossey feels if he could spread one message, it would be that anyone can follow their passion and find success. “If I can do it, anyone can do it,” said Aossey.

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