6039 Summit

The Malletts were living in the house at the 1900 census. Adriance was 36 years old and employed as a farmer. Ida was 35 years old and their children living in the home included: Ernest – 16; Eva – 13; Edna – 12; Elta – 6; and Elbert – 3 years old.

In 1905 the Malletts sold the house to Roswell W. Graham, dividing the original eight acres into a two acre parcel which included this house. His wife Sarah had passed away in 1903 and they had been living in Toledo. Graham moved to Sylvania in 1905, and lived here until he died in 1910. Before he died he transferred the house into his daughter’s name, Eliza A. (Graham) Farley in 1909. Eliza and her husband, Daniel H. Farley, were living in Justice, Carson County, Texas when the 1910 census was taken and after her father passed away she rented the house out.

Eliza Farley sold the house to John T. Grinage in 1915. He and his second wife, Ellen Moon-Miller-Grinage, had been living in the house on south Main Street that we know as our famous “Lathrop House” from 1909 until 1915. John and Ellen were married in 1901. It was the second marriage for both. They lived in this home until he died on Dec. 23, 1919. In the 1920 census she was listed as 74 years old, owned the home free of mortgage and widowed. Shortly after this census was taken ownership of the home transferred to John’s two sons, Benjamin and Frank Grinage; sons from his first marriage. They owned it from 1920 to 1924. Ellen Grinage passed away in 1925.

Edna M. Barricklow purchased the home in 1924. Today her great-grandson, Darryl Barricklow, owns the home, which has been in the Barricklow family name for 99 years. Here’s a little of their story, but there’s so much more:
Edna Eldridge and Dwight Barricklow were married in 1910 and came to Sylvania in 1924 with their four sons: Dewitt W. – born 1911; Glenn D. – born 1913; Max R. – born 1915; and Ralph G. – born 1916. In the 1930 census Dwight was listed as 39 years old and employed as a truck driver for a moving company. He owned this home valued at $6,500. Edna was listed as 47 years old, and their four sons are all teenagers, attending school and all but the youngest were employed as laborers at Gray’s Greenhouse in Sylvania.

Edna Barricklow died in June of 1938 at the age of 55 years, and was buried in Toledo Memorial Park. Before she died she saw three of her four sons get married. Dewitt was married in 1933 to Vera Bennett; Max was married in 1936 to Mildred Ford; Ralph was married in 1937 to Lauretta Haas. After Edna died her son Dewitt remarried in 1940 while living in Florida to Rachelle Williams, and Glenn was never married.
Her husband Dwight left Sylvania after her death, and was remarried shortly after the 1940 census was taken. In 1938 he sold this house to his son Max, and in 1942 Max sold two-thirds interest in the home to two of his brothers, so now ownership was listed as Max R., Glenn D. and Ralph G. Barricklow, with each owning 1/3 of the home on a two acre parcel, until 1946.

In 1940 when the four brothers completed their World War II Draft Cards they each listed their home address as 6039 Summit, with Dewitt, Glenn and Max all listing employment as working at 5830 Woodrow Dr. as beekeepers, working for themselves. Ralph was employed as the manager of the Kroger Grocery store. When the 1940 census was taken Ralph G. Barricklow and his wife Lauretta were listed living in the home, and living with them was his single brother Glenn, still a self-employed beekeeper.

In 1946 Ralph and Lauretta bought out the interests of the other two brothers and took full ownership of the house. The 1950 census showed Ralph listed as 33 years old and employed at an automobile factory. Lauretta was 31 years old, their son Darryl was 3 years old and son Richard was less than one year old. Also living with them was Ralph’s brother Glenn, 36 years, employed as a beekeeper.

Ralph “Bub” Barricklow was well-known in Sylvania and worked for the City of Sylvania in the water department starting in 1952 and becoming the superintendent of that department before retiring in 1977. He served during World War II with the Army and was discharged in March of 1946. He was an avid golfer and won many tournamens. Mrs. Barricklow worked many years as a teacher at Hillview with the Sylvania School District. In 1987 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

In 1989 Ralph and Lauretta split the two acre parcel and sold the rear parcel to their son Darryl, who in turn constructed a home that fronted on Long Street.In June of 1991, just one month before Ralph passed away, the following article appeared in the Sylvania Herald newspaper: “CAN YOU BEAT 70 YEARS? – Ralph (better known as Bub) Barricklow, who has lived in the same house on Summit Street in Sylvania for 70 years, would like to challenge anyone in the City of Sylvania to beat that record. Four brothers; Dewitt, Glenn, Max and Ralph grew up in the house, which was built in 1897. They attended Burnham High School, where all four participated in football and basketball. Ralph and his wife, Lauretta, a former Hill View Elementary teacher, have lived in the house all 53 years of their marriage and raised three sons there: Darryl, Richard and Kevin. Max also lives in Sylvania. Dewitt resides in Doerun, Ga., and Glenn in Greenleaf, Wisc.”

Ralph and Lauretta owned and lived in the house until Ralph died in 1991 and then Lauretta continued to live here until she passed away in 2009. Her will left this property to her sons: Darryl D., Richard G., and Kevin G. Barricklow. In 2013 Darryl and Suzanne became full owners and still own the house today.

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