GAYLEEN GINDY 5937 Summit St.


This house, built in 1887, was owned by Rebecca Chapple, the widow of Robert S. Chapple who had served in the Civil War. Military records show he was discharged on March 16, 1864, and death records show that he died that same day. Their children, Julia Chapple Heath and William Chapple, who also lived in Sylvania, inherited this house after their mother passed away. William Chapple, a prominent Sylvania citizen, was Sylvania’s postmaster from 1899 to 1909, and owned a hotel that used to exist on the NW corner of Monroe and Summit. He was also elected Sylvania’s mayor, serving two years from 1893 and 1894. He started Sylvania’s first newspaper, the Sylvania Times, and was known mostly for being an insurance agent.
However, in 1906 Chapple, ran into some trouble. On Feb. 27, 1906 the Toledo News Bee reported, “Postmaster Under Arrest – Sylvania Official in Grave Trouble – He is charged with converting to his own use premiums paid to him on insurance policies.” Then the March 15, 1906 Toledo News Bee announced, “Postmaster Indicted for Perjury and Forgery – Sylvania official is held by the grand jury.” Then in June of 1906, the hotel he owned burned to the ground.
Records show that Chapple and his sister sold this Summit St. house to Howard and Elsie (Comstock) Hine in 1906. They owned it until 1927. By the 1910 census they are listed living here and Howard was 38 years old and Elsie 33 years old. They had no children. Howard was employed as a huckster in the city, self-employed. The 1920 census shows Howard and Elsie still living here. He is listed as 48 years old and she was 42. His employment was listed as a wholesale meat dealer.
In 1927 they sold this home to John and Augusta Wandt, and moved to a home they built on property to the south at 5933 Summit Street, where they lived out the rest of their lives.
The 1930 census listed John and Augusta Wandt living here and he was listed as 46, born in Germany, immigrating to the U.S. in 1890. He was employed at a wheel company. His wife Augusta was listed as 44, born in Germany, and she also immigrated to the U.S. in 1890. Also listed living in the home included: Alma Wandt – daughter – 21 years old – employed as a saleslady at a dry goods store; Melvin Wandt – son – 17 years old – attending school; and Martha Wandt – daughter -15 years old – saleslady clerk at a grocery store.
Property records show that John Elg purchased the home in 1930, but it appears the Wandt family continued to live here, because in April of 1931 John Wandt, listed as the owner, obtained a building permit to enlarge the garage on the property. Gust Goarr of Toledo was listed as the builder.
In 1943 George and Emma Pollock purchased the house, but the 1940 census shows that they were already living in the home, so it may have been a land contract agreement. By 1943 it was paid off and put into their names. The 1940 census shows George Pollock, 58 years old, married, employed as a locomotive engineer for a steam railway company. Although he is listed as married, his wife Emma was not living in the home. Also living in the home was his daughter-in-law, Beatrice Pollock – 34 years old – married (but her husband Carl Pollock was not living in the home); and George’s grandchildren Carl Pollock, Jr. – 8 years old – attending school; and Paul Pollock – 4 years old.
In 1941, George Pollock completed his World War II registration card listing his address as 5937 Summit. He was 60 years old, he listed Emma Pollock as his emergency contact and his employer was Toledo, Angola & Western Railroad in Sylvania.
The 1950 census shows George and Emma still living here. He was 68 years old and Emma was 70 years old. George and Emma continued to live here until he died in 1964. Emma sold the house the next year. Emma’s obituary notice said that she was 96 years old when she died in 1976 at the Montrie Country Care Center in Sylvania. Surviving was her son Carl H. Pollock.
William and Susan Cutshall purchased the home in 1965. The Sept. 4, 1965 issue of The Sentinel featured a photo of Miss Susan LaJiness and Mr. William Cutshall announcing their marriage. Both had graduated from Burnham High School and she was employed at Toledo State Hospital and he was employed by Scholz Homes. They lived here for 12 years, and on March 28, 1972 a building permit was issued to William Cutshall to build a 32 x 32 foot one-car garage with storage area.
In 1977 the Cutshalls purchased a home at 5763 Main and sold this home to Donald and Billie Jo Stewart. While they owned this house Donald Stewart obtained a building permit on April 11,1978 to repair fire damage to the roof. Then, in 1987, the home transferred into just Billie Jo Stewart’s name until 1990.
In 1990 Bernard & Elaine Kujawa purchased this home and only owned it for two years before selling it to Steven and Janet Babcock in 1992. The Babcocks obtained a building permit in 1994 to frame in an existing porch, add a 26 x 15.5 foot addition and a 23.7 by 29 foot second story addition on top of a portion of the existing house.
The Babcocks owned the house for five years and in 1997 sold to Brian and Jeanette Hinkle. They owned it for four years and the current owners, Richard and Norma Brittingham, purchased the home in 2001.


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