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Zoning changes
The Sylvania Township Trustees voted unanimously to approve a subdivision lighting project and two zoning changes following public hearings on each of the issues.
The trustees approved the petition from residents for streetlights in Waterside Sylvania.
A requested zoning change from C-4 PUD, professional/business office planned Unit development, to C-2 PUD, general commercial planned unit development, for a building at 4914 Whiteford Rd. was granted. The zoning change allows the building owner greater flexibility in seeking tenants.
A second request to rezone the property at 4752 and 4828 Whiteford Rd. from R-A, low-density residential, to R-4, high-density residential Planned Unit Development, was also unanimously approved. The development will include villas to answer the need for housing for senior citizens and young professionals in that neighborhood as identified by the land-use plan.
New website
“It’s new, it’s informative, it’s welcoming and best of all, our updated website is very user friendly,” noted Sylvania Township Administrator Oliver Turner. “We asked our web designer, David Navarre of Flanders Road Creative, to create that ‘Wow’ factor so people would think this is a great place and I really want to live here,” Samantha Didion, the township’s executive assistant and IT coordinator added.
Last fall, members of the community were invited to offer their input regarding the revamping of the website, which was incorporated into the project. In addition, Didion worked closely with the designer throughout the process.
The new Sylvania Township website was launched at the Sept. 5 Board of Sylvania Township Trustees meeting where they introduced the new look, the new township logo and colors. The home page features a video portraying many township highlights including picturesque neighborhoods, police officers and firefighters who serve the community, its schools and more.
“We are excited to offer increased functionality for mobile apps along with the use of QR codes,” Turner reported. “And we anticipate having the capacity to accept online payments next year.”
Regular features that link users to township departments, officials, community events and more have also been updated and made more user-friendly. Department heads will add their information to the community calendar and Didion will continue to serve as the site administrator.
According to Didion, when the new logo design was underway, she did research on the township’s history, making contact with Gayleen Gindy and using her wealth of northwest Ohio history knowledge. “Thanks to Gayleen, I learned that the name ‘Sylvania’ was first used in 1830 when William Wilson submitted his map of the ‘Town of Sylvania’ to the Monroe County, Mich. authorities, which was approved and recorded. Between 1830 and 1836 the area that includes all of the city and township of Sylvania today was in disput–some said it was part of Ohio and some said Michigan. In 1836 the United States Congress declared Sylvania to be part of Wood County Ohio. However, Sylvania Township became a part of Lucas County when it was established in September of 1836,” she said.
Zoning appeal, variance
The Sylvania Township’s Board of Zoning Appeals voted unanimously to uphold a zoning violation for the property owner of 4837 Springbrook Dr. who has been parking a commercial truck on the property. According to the zoning code: “Only one vehicle, not exceeding 12,000 pounds maximum Gross Vehicle Weight” may be parked or stored per dwelling unit in any “A” or “R” District, except when making deliveries.” The property owner will have until the end of the month to make other arrangements for the vehicle.
In other business, the board voted to grant a variance on a front setback of the required 30 feet for the property owner at 5927 Rudyard Rd. whose request is to build an addition to an existing structure that is 18 feet from the road. The zoning staff recommended this variance as it does not present a negative impact on public goods or neighboring properties and does not alter the intent of the zoning resolution.

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