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Zoning report

Planning and Zoning Manager Daryl Graus reported at the Oct. 3 Board of  Sylvania Trustees meeting that from May to August the number of zoning permits issued decreased by 2.1 percent from the previous year, with 367 permits issued with a total estimated value of $36,555,599, versus 375 issued with a total estimated value of $45,350,452 in the same time period in 2022, a 19.4 percent decrease. Single-family dwelling permits also decreased to 47 in the same time period, from 58 in 2022. The average estimated value per dwelling also decreased to $358,777 from $420,097 in 2022, a decrease of 14.6 percent.
Legal action
At the Oct. 3 meeting the Sylvania Board of Trustees voted to take legal action in the Lucas County Common Pleas Court to enforce zoning violations of three property owners.
No to marijuana
The trustees also voted to prohibit the cultivation, processing, or retail dispensing of medical marijuana in Sylvania Township for 12 months.
New road service truck
Roads and Service Supervisor Rob Nash was authorized to purchase a 2024 HV607 Truck Chassis from Rush Truck Centers Inc. for $95,125.00.
New fire vehicle
Last February, the trustees authorized Sylvania Township Fire Chief Michael Ramm to purchase a 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe, including all light bars and sirens, at a maximum cost of $52,606.45. The fire chief learned that the delivery of this vehicle was delayed for an unspecified time, however, the dealer has a similar vehicle available with some upgrades at an additional cost of $860. The trustees approved a resolution to accept the change order authorizing the fire chief to acquire the vehicle.
Health plan accepted
Administrator Oliver Turner’s request that the trustees accept the Sylvania Township Healthcare Committee recommendations for the 2024 health plan for employees was approved.
Liquor permit granted
In other business, a liquor permit was granted for Optimum Prime, doing business as Voodoo Brewery at 7865 W. Central Ave.
BZA denies appeal
After an extensive discussion at the Oct. 2 meeting, the Board of Zoning Appeals denied the appeal of a zoning violation from residents at 4839 Robinson Rd. The residents said they had attached a tarp to a fence as a screening device to keep their children’s basketballs and frisbees from going into their neighbor’s yard. However, it was deemed that the screening met the definition of a fence and is taller than the six feet allowed.
Appeals approved
Several requests were approved by the BZA board regarding the property at 7755 Sylvania Ave. Those include a variance for a six-foot high privacy fence from the required eight-foot fence; a setback for heavy industrial abutting a residential property from the required 200 feet to 48 feet; and the variance for a landscape buffer abutting the residential property from the required 30 feet to five feet; along with an exception for the sidewalk requirement. Those variances were granted as the industrial property had existed before the adjoining property was developed for residential use.
A second sidewalk exemption was granted to the property owner of 2716 Reynolds Rd. as the adjoining properties do not have sidewalks. However, if sidewalks are constructed on either side, the exception is revoked and sidewalks must be constructed within 18 days.
Zoning change
The Zoning Board recommended that a zoning change from A-3 agriculture to C-1 neighborhood commercial for a small portion of the 1.6-acre of land at 3955 N. McCord Rd. be approved so the entire parcel has the same zoning. This recommendation will be made to the Board of Sylvania Township Trustees to be addressed at the Nov. 6 meeting.

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