Pedestrian signal to be installed at Harroun Road River Walk crossing

The city of Sylvania’s first Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) will be installed in September on Harroun Road at the Sylvania River Trail crossing. According to Joe Shaw, city of Sylvania’s Public Service Deputy Director, “All of the wiring and underground infrastructure is in place awaiting the delivery of the poles, which had been ordered last January. Those are to be delivered the first week of September and the job will be completed soon after.”

A PHB is a pre-timed traffic control device that increases motorists’ awareness of pedestrians crossing at an uncontrolled marked crosswalk location. These devices create safer, more efficient crossings on busy streets. As pedestrians approach the crosswalk, they push the appropriate button on the signal pole, activating the overhead beacon to begin flashing a yellow light. The pedestrian receives a signal to first wait as the beacon turns a solid yellow; then a signal to cross as the beacon light turns red. The beacon remains dark when there are no pedestrians and motorists driving through the crosswalk. When the flashing yellow light appears, motorists are reminded to slow down; the solid yellow light reminds motorists to prepare to stop; the red light is a signal for motorists to stop as there is a pedestrian/pedestrians in the crosswalk; the flashing red light is a signal for motorists to stop and proceed with caution when the walkway is clear.


“This project is the result of a Harroun Road traffic calming study we did in 2020,” Shaw reported. “In addition, we are asked constantly when are we going to do something about crossing Harroun Road for those who are using the River Trail,” he noted. “There are enough pedestrians using this walkway to warrant the new PHB.”
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