Burnham Park, Plummer Pool to get new equipment, upgrades

Mike McMahon looks over some of the newer playground equipment that will remain in Burnham Park.

Members of the community are invited to learn about the improvement projects planned for Burnham Park and Plummer Pool on Monday, Oct. 24 at 5:30 pm at Burnham Park.

Sylvania Recreation Operations Manager Mike McMahon is excited to share the proposed plans for these two areas with community members. “These improvements are a long time coming and will certainly make the park and the pool much more accessible and user-friendly,” he stated.

The upgrades have been made possible thanks to $400,000 in state of Ohio Capital Improvement Community Recreation Project Grants awarded to Sylvania Recreation and the city of Sylvania. In addition, Sylvania Recreation has also secured a grant from “GAMETIME Cares” Playground Equipment in the amount of $19,821 for the project. While the city of Sylvania owns Burnham Park and Plummer Pool, Sylvania Recreation has managed Plummer Pool since 1994 and assumed the responsibility for maintaining Burnham Park in 2014.

Plans for the park include replacing the picnic shelter and the worn picnic benches with new shade structures in natural colors. “We will have at least two of these updated shade structures and will add to the number of picnic tables that will be replaced,” McMahon said. “We would also like to reconfigure the areas for these picnic tables and shade structures to make them not only user friendly but conveniently placed for optimum use. Currently, the walkway goes directly through the center of the picnic shelter. This design is not ideal for those walking through the park and those enjoying a picnic in the shelter at the same time.”

The gazebo, constructed in 1981 by students in the Southview carpentry class on the circa 1926 bandstand foundation, will be removed as well. “The structure is in need of repair and it has not been used (in the way that it was designed) in a long time. This space can be used more effectively,” McMahon said.

In addition, new playground equipment will be added, particularly in the area closest to Maplewood Avenue, which accommodates children ages 2 to 5. According to McMahon, that equipment is over 20 years old. “The new equipment that is available today is designed to get everyone active and immersed in fun” he stated. “However, the sandbox with its fleet of trucks will remain.”

The older children‘s play area will also get a face lift. “New swings will be added along with other state of the art of equipment that will provide the Sylvania community with a park that they can be proud of,” McMahon promised.

The second phase of the renovations will focus on three major areas for the Plummer Pool “pool house” and the pool deck. “This pool house is a sound structure but needs to be updated,” McMahon said. The top priority for the pool improvements will be to upgrade the pump room and filtration system equipment, which sanitizes the pool water. It is a vital component of the pool and the equipment is outdated and in need of constant maintenance.


This second priority will focus on renovating the exterior bathrooms, reconfiguring interior areas and potentially relocating the lifeguard office for easy access onto the pool deck.

According to McMahon, if funds allow, the next priority will be upgrades to the pool deck that will include new shade structures in place of the wooden trellis-like arbor that spans the Maplewood Avenue side of the pool.
Plummer Pool averages more than 16,000 visitors each year.

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  1. What can we do to fix the gazebo or replace it to make better use of it? Many people in Sylvania have fond memories with the music in the park and the gazebo. I’m sure there are many musicians that would be willing to play in this park if given the opportunity. Can we please bring back the music and keep this part of the park looking like an “old town/historical” park.

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