Cougar Pride awards are back

Southview students receive the first Cougar Pride awards of the new school year during the noon lunch period on Sept. 30.

Lunch took on an additional flavor in the Southview cafeteria on Friday Sept. 30. Between 20 to 30 students were honored with Cougar Pride awards in each of the three lunch periods and several students won prizes. Those gifts included rewards such as a first place in the lunch line, a prime parking spot for a month, tickets to the upcoming theater production, gift cards and more.


Each month, every teacher nominates at lease one student who exhibits Southview’s core values. “We have three core values that we believe will make students successful in their current and future endeavors. We expect all students to be respectful, responsible, and resilient. Among other things, the language we have adopted encourages students to be compassionate, celebrate diversity, act with integrity, embrace challenges, and persevere,” noted Principal Dr. Kasey Vens. “We created our Cougar Pride awards to reward students for living out our core values. Students who have been nominated for a Cougar Pride award are also eligible to win prizes. We have worked with students and staff to be creative, which has produced prizes such as free spirit wear and fast passes for the lunch line.With help from my administrative assistant Cindy Edwards, we have also reached out to the community and have received a number of gift cards that our students really enjoy.”
This is the second year for the program.

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