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False Alarm Policy
The Sylvania Township Trustees unanimously approved a resolution to adopt a new False Alarm Policy for the Sylvania Township Fire Department at the May 16 regular meeting.
According to Fire Marshal Shane Hillard, there has been a significant increase in false alarms over the past several years. The fire alarm policy has been adopted to help reduce or eliminate the number of false alarms and to encourage ongoing maintenance and employee training relating to fire alarms and fire sprinkler monitoring systems.
The new false alarm policy requires a certified letter be sent to the property owner or manager reminding them of the new policy and that they will be charged if four or more false alarms are received in one calendar year. If there is a third false alarm from the same property the fire marshal will make an on-site visit to discuss the problem and notify the owner there will be a charge for all future false alarms. The new policy allows a $100 fine for the fourth false alarm, a $200 fine for the fifth, and a $300 fine in one calendar year.
“Eliminating or even reducing the number of false alarms will have a positive impact on the department, allowing us to do our job protecting our citizens,” Hillard stated.
New Safety Equipment for Ambulances
The Sylvania Township Trustees approved Sylvania Township Fire Chief Mike Ramm’s request to add safety equipment for the two new ambulances that have been ordered.
In March, the fire department was notified about a new technology, The Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS) featuring MBrace. This is a frontal impact airbag system for ambulance patient compartments that provides added protection for the fire department’s first responders in the event of an accident. This system can be added to the two Horton ambulances that have been ordered by the department. The cost of each of the safety devices is not to exceed $6,675.
The trustees authorized the purchase of one Horton ambulance at a cost of $346,997 at the Dec. 20, 2020 meeting and the second for $366,418 at the March 15, 2023 meeting.
JEDD Appointment
The Township Trustees approved a resolution appointing Ian Davis of Oakleaf Village to serve as the Township Member of the Sylvania Joint Economic Development District Board of Directors. His term is through Aug. 3, 2026. He replaces Kim Kross who had been appointed at the July 19, 2022 meeting of the Sylvania Township Board of Trustees.

Sylvania Township Fire Captain Jeff Bennett coordinates the May 31 training, which includes a live burn at the King Road training center behind the Sylvania Township Police Department. Members of the B Shift, wearing full fire gear, experience the challenge of fighting a live fire using the new nozzles recently acquired by the department. According to Bennett, the new nozzles provide a better stream and use less water. This training is held yearly in the spring. Bennett serves as training director for the department.

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