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At the Sept. 19 Sylvania Township Board of Trustees meeting, Sylvania Township Lieutenant/Paramedic Craig Koperski, center, and Fire Chief Mike Ramm, right, present Khaldoon Samkari, left, with an award in recognition of his exceptional interpretive service during a multi-vehicle car accident that occurred at the intersection of Bonsels and Holland-Sylvania on Aug. 21. In response to this incident, Samkari’s proficiency in Arabic communication became instrumental when attending to a non-English speaking family who had sustained injuries in the accident. When requested, Samkari promptly arrived at the scene and effectively used his interpretive skills to bridge the communication gap between emergency crews and the injured individuals present. His assistance played a pivotal role in conveying information about injuries and necessary treatments,
facilitating a smoother process for stabilizing all those involved. He is an employee of the Sylvania Schools administration and his communication abilities and compassionate approach demonstrated his dedication to ensuring that every individual received the care they required, regardless of language barriers. His actions reflect positively on both himself and the Sylvania Schools organization, showcasing his commitment to service and community welfare.

Policy updated
The Sylvania Township Board of Trustees approved the request of Sylvania Township Administrator Oliver Turner to adopt township policies on pregnancy issues at the Sept. 19 Board of Trustees meeting. This updated policy complies with Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the rights and responsibilities under the Pregnant Workers Protection Act. The policy outlines the procedures for employees to request reasonable accommodations because of their pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions. Accommodations that may be considered could include a flexible work schedule; reduced hours; position or job duty reassignment. Employees may also request a leave of absence. Pregnancy-related leaves will be governed by the township’s sick leave policies.
Trustee chairman John Crandall applauded the administrator’s ongoing efforts to review and revise township policies.

The trustees also approved a resolution to observe Trick-or-Treat night on Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 7:30 pm.

New firefighter/ paramedics
Sylvania Township Fire Chief Mike Ramm received the Sylvania Township Trustees’ approval to hire five full-time firefighter/paramedics to fill the vacancies created by four resignations and one transfer to the Community Risk Reduction position. The new firefighter/paramedics include Aaron Cunningham, Anthony Macari, Joseph Seddelmeyer, and Daryll Yarger, all of whom are lateral transfers from other fire departments in the Lima, Monroe, and Detroit areas and have more than five years of experience. The fifth candidate, Chase Linnenkugel, is a Southview High School graduate and a second-generation firefighter. According to the chief, he has done all of the necessary training on his own.
“Each of these new firefighters has chosen to work in our department. They have cited more opportunities, a better pay schedule, updated equipment, and fire stations as reasons they have joined our department. It is really great to have this new team of people who want to be here and who are bringing their experience to serve our community for quite some time,” Ramm noted.

Firearm Training
Sylvania Township Police officers recently completed annual firearm qualifications during the department’s third quarter training days, Sept. 18, 20, and 22. All officers in the department receive eight hours of quarterly training where they qualify and demonstrate proficiency on department-issued weapons and equipment. They also receive additional training in a number of other areas.
Officers will participate in active shooter response training the last quarter of the year.
In addition to quarterly training, each officer in the department must complete 24 hours of state-mandated continuing professional training (CPT) for 2023. Some of the CPT topics include legal updates, school safety, arrest, search and seizure, and de-escalation.

CPR Training
Sergeant Kevin Steinman and Officer Devin Lafferty, who both recently became American Heart Association Certified Instructors, led a 32-hour CPR re-certification training for officers and civilian staff members during the September training days.

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